Mar. 19, 2013

Man, Oh Man!

So on Friday I had to go to the hospital, and I spent twelve hours there. I kid you not! It was ridiculous. I had five different nurses, three different doctors all because they had shift changes. It was beyond stupid. The worst part was that the IV. Oh, man. That hurt so bad. The male nurse kept pushing and pushing the needle into my vein, and when they put the drip in, it hurt like hell. And to top the nightmare off, they couldn't get blood from the IV, so he had to get the end all, be all, know all nurses of everything IV. So she comes in, and here is the conversation we had:

Me: Maybe we should get a vampire in here. They might make it better.

Nurse: That's why they called me in. Actually, my first name is Anne, and my maiden name was Rice.

Me: Awesome. You know you're dealing with a real vampire fan when they know who Anne Rice is. (A couple seconds later) What the hell are they doing with all those veils, drinking it?

Nurse Vampire: No. They're all for me. (Laughs)

And that was the highlight of my night.

Well, that's it for now. TTFN. Ta Ta for now.


The Fiction Writer