Jun. 23, 2013

In the Beginning...

Finally got my beginning down for my Doctor Who fan fiction. Now all I have to do is type it up.


I think the hardest part of the story is the beginning. You try to get your thoughts together, and it winds up either sounding wrong or sounding too close to another work. I try to compartmentalize my works, but sometimes a little bit of another character will poke through. So then I have to re-write it, until I get the characters voice perfect. Well...almost perfect.


This one I think I have down pat. At least, I hope so. I mean, she's been screaming in my head for the past month now, and I can't get her to shut up. Not that I really want her to, but it's hard when you're doing two things at once.


Well, I'm going to get back to work on "A Girl Named Smith."



The Fiction Writer