Sep. 3, 2013

Childhood Friends

Childhood friends are like stars in a vast and dark sky. When you are with them, they shine brightly, creating memories that are etched in your brain for all eternity. Then one day, you look up and the star you once knew has disappeared. There is an empty place in your heart. But you never forget that light was once there, and you wonder to yourself whether you could have done something to keep that brightness going.


Life is too short, and the only thing you can do now is just remember your friend…that wonderful and dazzling star in the sky that shone so bright that they made your world.


Such is life. It’s a flash of radiance that dims and soon goes out. All you can do is keep the memories that you have…hold them dear and never let them go. And maybe one day hope that you will see them again.






(Tribute by: Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer))