Jun. 7, 2014

Beautiful Five Star Review!

Graveyard Shifts got another five star review:

"I normally take my vampires and werewolves two ways--either glittery and gorgeous or vicious and bloodthirsty. Kiss them or Kill them. That's my philosophy. Freelance journalist Pat Wyatt, a protagonist of the no-nonsense variety, would love if the paranormal hotties who invade her life in GRAVEYARD SHIFTS proved so simple to classify.

In a single mind-twisting evening, Pat goes from visiting diners for a story on pie to married to a mysterious billionaire who makes himself scarce during daylight hours. After her wedding night, during a long day alone in her new husband's palatial Hamptons mansion, Pat meets his lawyer, Mike Wolf. Before the day is out, Pat finds herself torn by her attraction to both men. Yes, this is all happening at light speed and is standard paranormal love-triangle fare, but what's unusual about this trio is how unlikable they can be. Samuel the vampire is a self-satisfied bully. Mike Wolf's sensitivity is bundled with a degree of ambivalence, a general lack of gumption, unbecoming in a child of the moon. In short, neither of these men is classic romantic hero material. Yet Pat's no real bargain, either. She's not especially beautiful or clever. She's sharp, cynical and critical.

What makes it all work is Pat's awareness of her own flaws and the negatives of the men she's become involved with. She knows she's in a situation that is unlikely to end well, and it isn't as if she can't walk out. Sure, towards the end of the book we get Samuel's magnetic power over her will and his "I'll follow you to the ends of the earth" declaration. But, before that, before she's even sure what Samuel is, she has the urge to flee and plenty of chances to do so. Instead, she stays. Is it the passionate sex? Journalistic curiosity? The credit cards with no limit?

We're not sure. Neither is Pat.

The relatively confined setting and limited cast of characters may offer some answer. A few strong personalities confined in the relatively close quarters of a mansion and the surrounding town...the effect is claustrophobic. Experiencing events through Pat's eyes, you get a clear sense of the air being sucked from her lungs, muddying her mind and undermining her judgement. When she finally does make a definitive move--can't say more about this or I'll spoil it for others--what she gains is breathing room rather than any lasting resolution.

GRAVEYARD SHIFTS left me not quite satisfied and curious about the characters' futures, which is what you want if you're planning a series. It'll be interesting to see what Del has in store for Pat Wyatt."

This makes me a happy author! Big

Also, here is the link to the reviewer, Carrie Ann Lahain's, site: http://www.carrieannlahain.com/


Laura (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)

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