Mar. 8, 2015

Another 5 stars for "Graveyard Shifts"!

Got another 5 stars for "Graveyard Shifts"! 

Here is the review:

"The interplay between Pat, the journalist, and Tina, her best friend, keeps the story pretty funny while digging into some real issues in differing personalities. It sort of examines the types of people we find ourselves close to and how they can change us.

This novel has a little romance in there, but not enough to make readers turn away if that’s not their thing. Pat’s career is mostly the center of the narrative, and her relationship with her best friend. The plot itself is fantastical and humorous in the best of ways.

Essentially, it involves a potential vampire millionaire and a woman who didn’t think she’d ever find herself married after some bad experiences in relationships.

Now if those details alone aren’t interesting enough for you, I don’t know what to say. There are so many levels of awesome going on here that it’s a great read for people who like vampires, strong female leads, witty banter, humor, and adventure."

So freaking cool!


Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)


Here is the link to the book: