Mar. 22, 2015

Hospital Stay, Go Away!

I need to do this while it is fresh in my mind.

On Tuesday, I had a problem with the camera I swallowed…it got stuck! That’s right! Stuck! It was inside a narrowed part of the bowel previously undetected by doctors. Yes, ladies and gents, this means the Ulcerative Colitis has turned into full-blown Crohns. Anyway, I had severe pain and went into the ER for a CAT scan with IV contrast just to see where the camera was. While I was in there, I was in so much pain, with vomiting, that they gave me a narcotic that was stronger than morphine, which was fine, if it lasted as long as they said it would…it didn’t. That led the doctor to give me something called Thorazine. This, as we all know from Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan is an antipsychotic, it is also apparently an old school remedy for cramps. One in which they no longer use because of major side effects. I had one of them; it gave me a sinus rhythm to my heart. It could have killed me and nearly did.

I blacked out and woke up at 11:30pm, only to find that I had been placed in a room, which they told me that I would not be able to get, and to realize that I had lost nine hours of my life. In fact, I had also vomited three times, had my breasts felt up by a supposed doctor, and had my grams tell off the head ER doc who nearly killed me. When I awoke, they just gave me something to make me feel comfy and I fell back to sleep. At 7am the next day, I was greeted by my regular GI doctor, and was told that the head ER guy had explained what happened and had Dr A, my GI, come by to apologize for him for making me so sick. Later, the Patient Relations person came by to extend more apologizes on his behalf and on the hospitals behalf. After all, they don’t want me suing their asses.

Anyhow, I spent four days and three nights in the hospital. I finally passed the pill yesterday and was sent home in order to have major withdrawal from the narcotic. I’m still feeling the effects and will for the next couple of days…possibly even weeks. They never weaned me down off the meds. They just stopped them. So, now I am on 40mg of prednisone with an antibiotic chaser. Yummy!

Major screw up from start to finish, if you ask me.

Also three blown veins, which is fun too.

Thanks for listening.


Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)