Dec. 30, 2015

Physical Books Are Dying... HELP!

The physical book is dying and the e-book is on the rise…

This news makes me so sad. I mean, what is better than reading a physical book? Nothing, in my opinion. And I know that some will agree and some won’t. That’s okay. But has it ever occurred to the people, who buy these e-books for convenience, that convenience is severely overrated? That going out to a bookstore and actually putting some effort into buying a book, would give you, and others, much more satisfaction in the end.

It’s like looking stuff up on the internet. All the information we have at our fingertips means nothing if it’s wrong. But I keep forgetting that everything on the internet must be true, and things like Encyclopedia’s and reference books are obsolete. Does that confused or piss anyone else off? Probably not. It’s probably just me. My bad.

But as my grandmother says, “Once the robots take over, nobody will care, because we’ll all be dead…” That’s a weird and morbid statement, but if you think about it for a second, it rings more true than anything that “social media” is feeding us. Slowly these computers are taking over our minds, looking into our backgrounds, and are making us less and less empathetic to other people. And I hate to say, e-readers and e-books are a part of the problem.

You don’t remember things that you read on an e-reader, it’s scientifically proven. But I guess that’s not really a good selling point, is it? READ MORE. REMEMBER LESS!

Yeah, doesn’t inspire consumer confidence, does it?

I mean, I don’t remember all of what I read while reading an e-book. I find that I forget people’s names, places, and sometimes even whole ideas. But with a physical book, you remember more, because you absorb more. When you’re reading a paperback, or even a hardback, you’re reading the words and physically doing something at the same time. It creates muscle memory, and actual memory, memory.

 A famous author said something along the lines of e-books will never replace physical books because when the vacuum, it didn’t put the broom out of business… well, I hate to say that this is turning out to be false. Paperback sales are going down, and fast!

Just the thought of that makes me so sad that I feel like I’m going to cry, and I am. I’m crying on the inside as well as the outside, and I can’t help feeling all kinds of depressed. And as I sit here, writing this into a computer (is that ironic?), I feel bad for humanity. I feel bad for those who think that they need the newer, the best, the better, and the most of everything. I also feel so sad that a child being born today might never know what it was like to put a real book into their hands, because that’s where technology is leading us.

Now, I am guilty of owning an e-reader, and I’m not saying that if you like reading on them, you’re a horrible person. What I am saying is that maybe we should take a step back and ask ourselves if we are benefiting from them? Personally, I don’t think I benefit from having all those books at my fingertips. It’s too distracting to focus on one at a time, and quite frankly it makes me nauseous. Like reading on my phone makes me dizzy, or writing on the computer makes my back and eyes hurt after a while. Doesn’t  all of that suck? Doesn’t it make you want to scream to the sky, “WHY?”

So please… I beg you… as an author, do me a favor and by a physical book. Buy one that you can sit down and open without worrying about running out of battery, or the glare of the sun, or weird glitches where half the book is missing.

Now, I’m not going to say that e-readers are the devil, or anything any such nonsense like that, but I don’t think that all this convenience is beneficial in the long run. And I definitely don’t think that forgetting a marvelous part of a book is worth it for ninety-nine cents…

But as I say, it doesn’t matter what you read, or how read, as long as you’re reading. But you have to admit, there is nothing like a physical book.



(Thanks for reading, and know that I meant no offense to anyone. I can’t believe I even have to put this disclaimer on here, but that’s how society is now.)