Jun. 29, 2012

Fanged Fiends

Why are there so many books and movies about vampires today?


You have the vampire’s that sparkle (more like fairies), vampires that have sex and vampires that don’t. You have vampires that teach you a lesson and vampires that just want to kill you.


Don’t get me wrong, I like vampires, but I think that society has glorified them in a way that makes people think that they want to be one of them. I mean, whatever happened to the vampire that scared the daylights out of you?


I sit sometimes and I watch Dracula, and granted it’s a little boring, but it’s dark and scary. You don’t want to be that vampire, and you don’t feel sorry when they kill him.


Now, you feel bad when a vampire is staked, and you cry when something bad happens to them. I don’t really like that kind of vampire. I like to empathize with the bad-guy vampires. The guys you love to hate, and hate to love. The vampires that scare you so much that you almost wet your pants… but what can I say, I’m dark like that.


Today, we like to fantasize a little too much about death, and I do realize that being an immortal is some sort of sick fantasy that people have. But really, would you want to live forever? Seeing all the people you love die before you? Is that what people really want?


I don’t think so. I just think that they like the idea of never dying, staying young forever and becoming something that is “damned” like the vampire.


So, what do you think? And what is your favorite kind of vampire?


Tell me.



The Fiction Writer