Jul. 2, 2012

Book of Problems

I get annoyed with certain aspects of books. Like when an author decides to prolong a fight by letting the main characters walk away from it, or when they use a lot of words to describe something when it only needs a sentence and not a paragraph. Stuff like that just gets my goat. It’s just irritating, and I can’t stand it.


To me, it ruins the story.  And every time I start a new book, I’m dreading that part where I get so frustrated that I throw the book across the room.


Like when I read… God, forgive me… Twilight. Ugh! Let me tell you that ending was so awful, I threw that two pounds, five-hundred page book across the room so hard it almost made a dent in the wall.


My poor grandmother was downstairs at the time, and she yelled up at me, “What was that?”


My reply to her was, “Nothing, just a piece of trash being thrown across the room where it belongs!”


Now, I’m not “downing” people who like Twilight. Trust me, I get the appeal. What I’m saying is, I can’t stand when authors build up something (like a fight at the end of a book), and they don’t follow through.


I also can’t stand when the editor doesn’t do his or her job. I don’t know how many books I just want to take a red pen to, and mark the spots where they’ve missed something. Misspellings, useless words (“off of”… when just the word “off” will do), and misuse of words, things that a professional editor should catch before the book should go to the printer.   


Stuff like that is… Just. Plain. Maddening.


So, what’s your pet peeve when it comes to books?


Tell me.



The Fiction Writer