Jul. 7, 2012

God Bless Jane Austen

Jane Austen.


Ah, what a small name for such a magnanimous writer…


How can any female writer compare to Austen? Such a sense of style and grace. Such passion in every word that she wrote that when you read her words, you can feel them flow into your heart and get locked away forever.


Men, don't get Austen. They just don't understand “frilly” the appeal. But female writers owe her a little debt, for she has paved the way for all of us to express the ironic, sarcastic and passionate feelings we write with our pens today.


In a world where female writers were considered only “accomplished,” she made it, so we could become best-selling authors. She made the job of the female author a respectable and noble profession. And for that, I must thank her from the bottom of my heart. As should we all.


Brava, Miss Austen! Brava!


So, my dear reader...


What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?


Tell me.



The Fiction Writer