Jul. 11, 2012

Bookstore Blues

I love going to the bookstore. That being said, do I have a story for you!


So today, I went to the bookstore, trying to find Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. And they have it, but they only had one copy of each book. Which is fine if you get there early, and you’re the one to get the copy. But if you go late in the day it probably won’t be there. I don’t think that’s fair. I think they should have enough copies for at least some people to get their hands on them. But that’s just a thought.


Anyway, I went up to the counter, with my Doctor Who (series six, part one and two) and my two Anita Blake books in my hand, and the line is literally out the door. So I have a plan for this kind of situation, I go to the little café that they have in the bookstore, grab a water (even if I don’t need it), and check-out there. They ask me for my number for my discount, I give it to them and off to my car I go.


Once I get in the car, I’m thinking back to the line I’ve just seen. There were only two cashiers and no one at the customer service desk. No one! I mean, come on! Why in the world can’t they have someone to help you? Because they don’t have enough money to hire people. That’s why! It’s ridiculous.


This happens almost every time I go. The line is so long that I have to resort to my plan b (the thing with the café).  And it’s not relaxing, especially when there is no air circulating, and you have a funny feeling that you might faint if it gets any hotter. Ugh!


It. Is. Just. Plain. WRONG!


Sorry for the rant.



The Fiction Writer