Jul. 13, 2012

Animation of Horror

I can’t stand the idea of zombies. A lot of people are obsessed with them, and I can’t understand why. I mean, I think the re-animation of dead flesh is… well… DISGUSTING! And the thought of a “zombie apocalypse” is not only very frightening to me, but it’s skin crawling. I’m telling you, if there ever is such a thing (which I highly doubt), I’m tripping the closest person to me and running for higher ground.


I’m only slightly kidding about that. But still, just the thought of dead decaying flesh coming anywhere near me is enough to give me the shivers. (I will never be a doctor that’s for sure.) I mean, we all have supernatural things that we’re scared of, and zombies are something that I just can’t stand.


So, what supernatural creepy crawly are you scared of?


Tell me.



The Fiction Writer