Jul. 18, 2012

Anita "FREAKING" Blake

The Anita Blake series is something to behold. I mean, Laurell K. Hamilton takes the horror genre to a completely new level. She knows what she’s doing with her vampires, were-animal’s and zombie’s that’s for sure. She’s also very good with description, and the character herself is wonderful. Anita reminds me of myself. Short, sarcastic and doesn’t take crap from overbearing men.


And don’t get me started about the other supernatural stuff in the series. Hamilton takes that to new heights. She is so well versed in the stuff that you actually believe that there could be supernatural things out there. It’s incredible. I mean, I though the Sookie Stackhouse novels (a series by Charlaine Harris) were good, but Anita Blake blows her, and Betsy Taylor (a series by MaryJanice Davidson) out of the water.


“Just your friendly neighborhood animator [zombie raiser] folks.”


The Anita Blake series by, Laurell K. Hamilton…





The Fiction Writer


P.S. The Anita Blake series is also a comic book series by MARVEL. They are based off Hamilton’s first three Anita Blake’s, and they are AWESOME!