Aug. 1, 2012

Day Four of Vacation

I am really pissed (excuse the language)!


So we went down to the gift shop today, and first we had to wait ten minutes for the girl to come back, which was fine, but when she finally came to open the doors, she was utterly rude. I mean, I’m sooo sorry that you don’t like your job! There are people out there who would do your job with a smile on their faces, and they’re the ones unemployed. Life is unfair like that, I know. But I mean, really!


Then we went down to the other gift shop, same deal in there. My grams said that she saw a ring I might like, and when she asked the lady, she gave us the brush off. Ugh! You think that you’re going to get the best of the best in a place like this, and then you get sub-par service. Don’t get me wrong, everyone else was nice to us until today... Hey, I have an idea. Maybe they should tell us when they’re going to work, and when they’re going to be total jerks. That would help a lot. Rolls eyes!


I can’t wait to leave tomorrow. I’m so tired of vacation it’s a shame.


One day to go…



The Fiction Writer