Aug. 15, 2012

Real Vampiric Weaknesses

Psychic Sensitivity (Part 2)


The vampire population seems to have a high percentage of empaths - those who are psychically sensitive to the emotions of others. For empathic vampires, it can become particularly difficult to deal the random emotions picked up from every person walking by. In fact, until they gain a little practice with their abilities, they will have a hard time even telling the emotions of others from their own. The outside feelings seep through the subconscious mind of the vampire, pulling her mind in random directions. On a daily basis, this can begin to feel like a disassociative disorder - anything from simple bipolar disorder to schizophrenia. In crowded public places, and empath can get overwhelmed by confusion, disorientation, and especially panic attacks.


Well, I guess humans aren't the only ones to have panic attacks.



The Fiction Writer