Sep. 22, 2012

Real Vampiric Abilities

Physical Abilities: Shape-Shifting


Shape-shifting is the process of changing one's form or appearance in some way, such as making oneself into a bat or a wolf or even making oneself look like another person or hiding in plain sight like a chameleon. Although this is impossible to do in the real world, another form of shape-shifting is possible. Made famous by Bram Stoker's Dracula, this is the ability to grow younger. While modern vampires do not actually grow younger, they live by belief that the flesh is heavily influenced by the spirit, particularly the flesh of those with powerful spirits,  so if one feels timeless, one is more likely to look timeless. This timeless appearance is of course helped by the fact that most modern vampires maintain strict workout regiments to keep healthy and fit.


So, that's why they have six packs! *laughs*



The Fiction Writer