Sep. 29, 2012

Short Story Sneak Peek

This is an excerpt from my latest short story...


Ghosts Among Men


Seeing the dead is a curse, not a gift, no matter what anyone says. They often wake you up at all hours of the night, scare the bejeezsus out of you when they stand behind you as you look in the mirror, and when they have something to say… well… they never seem to shut up, until you listen. And it just so happens that my life revolves around them. My name’s Samantha (“Sammy” to my friends) Davidson and I talk to the dead. I’m also a private detective.


In my line of work, being able to talk to the dead comes in handy. But when you’re brought up in a God fearing, half Italian, Catholic home like I was; you’re taught that anything supernatural is considered the devils work. So you keep quiet, especially at your great grandfather’s funeral, as he’s waving at you from beside his own coffin.


I was ten then, and now I’m three days away from my twenty-fifth, and I still see ghosts. They never left me when I got older, so I’m stuck with them. Truth be told, I’ve accepted that I am what I am, even if my family and friends think I’m nuts…


Hoped you enjoyed this sneak peek of Ghosts Among Men.



The Fiction Writer