Oct. 16, 2012

Sneak Peek of THE ROAD TO HEL...

This is another sneak peek of a short story that I'm working on. I hope you enjoy it...


The Road to Hel


Vengeance is mine, sayth the Lord. Well, I don’t know about the Lord, but I do know that vengeance was mine. My name is Julianna Valencia Van Helsing. Yes, that Van Helsing. He was my great grandfather thrice removed, in case you were wondering the rumours about him are true. He was a scientist, a doctor and a vampire slayer. But mostly he dealt in monsters, as did his sons and his grandsons. The Van Helsings were notorious for having boys, until I came along and ruined their record.


I was born to Wilhelm Van Helsing and Adrianna (or Anna to my father) Pots in Essex, England. You can imagine the surprise when I turned out to be a girl. My father was so happy, he didn’t care, but when they tried to give me to my mother, they realized that something was very wrong. She died during the delivery, but that was to be expected. No one who gives birth to a seer lives. It’s just life… or death, in this case.


I’ll explain. I am a seer, and when a seer is born she takes the life of her mother with her, and only girls are seers. Don’t call us psychics, because psychics feel vibes and have “visions” or so they say, but seers are so much more than that. We see the past, the present and the future. And yes, I am well aware of how Charles Dickens that sounds. We also have other abilities. In my case, I’m an empath, a telekinetic and of course a seer. My weaknesses are few and my strengths are many. Did I also mention that I’m the last of my kind? There will be no more seers after me.  The reason? Well, I was born without a uterus. Not that I wanted kids to begin with, but it would’ve been nice to have an option.


Anyway, my father was devastated when my mother died. He was so in love with her, but somehow, he never took her dying out on me. In fact, ever since I was born, I was daddy’s little girl, and he loved me more than his own life. Even after he remarried to my stepmother Maude, he loved me more than her and her son (my stepbrother), Logan. Maybe that’s why Maude hated me from the very first, or maybe it was because I wouldn’t call her mum. But I’m pretty sure it was because my father loved me more, and she couldn’t stand it.  So when I finished secondary school at age seventeen, I decided to go to university in the United States. I applied to places around my grandmother’s house (she lived in Phoenix), and was accepted to the state university. I was so excited to be living with my grandmother that I packed up and moved out almost immediately after I graduated. My father was devastated that I was going to live with “that woman” as he called her, but Maude… well… she was all too happy to see me go. After I said my good-byes and told my father that I’d visit soon, I was off to Arizona.


I spent the entire summer with my grandmother, Endora Pots. You must understand that it had been seven years since I had seen her last, and that was because Grandfather Van Helsing had passed away the year before my father married Maude. I had spent my summers with him in the country, and Grams, which is what I always called Endora, would show up and teach me things about being a seer. Being one herself, she was very adept at it. But that summer before university was different. It was more of a “teach Julianna everything that she needs to be taught, before she leaves” kind of summer. She taught me everything that I needed to know in order to be what I am today. The last seer on the planet.  


 Anyhow, we had one beautiful summer together, and then a year later she was gone. She left me the house, so I’d have a place to go to when it was summer vacation, and she also left me all of her money. Let’s just say that I never had to pay back student loans, or worry about paying bills ever again. But I think the scariest part was knowing that she was no longer living before someone even found her. You see, she came to me as a ghost and told me that she was dead. That happens sometimes. I see the dead as if they’re alive again, and it’s not fun when it happens. The first time it happened, I was ten, which was the year my powers came in. The ghost was my mother. But still, it was creepy...





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