Dec. 14, 2012

This Is Unbelievable!

I cannot believe that a man would do that to children. Innocent children. Of course, I am referring to the twenty-year-old who killed those 20 children in cold blood How could a person do that? Where did his life go so wrong that he had to take innocent lives with him?

I write fiction for a living, but when I read or hear stuff like this, it makes me sick. THIS IS REALITY! You don't do stuff like that. We learn as children right from wrong, and those little kids did NOTHING wrong. They will never go home again. They will never grow up, and their parents will never see their children smiling faces again. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered during this time. I pray that the goddess grant them peace and the strength to bury their kids.

I am so sorry for them, and I am so sorry that they ever had to go through this.


The Fiction Writer