Jan. 23, 2013

Pat Wyatt

You know I love all of my characters, but Pat Wyatt has to be my favorite. Not only was she my first in depth character, but she has so many good qualities to her that when you read her, you really feel as though you are in her head.

is everything that you look for in a character. She's honest, brave and true. Pat doesn't run from a fight, and even when you think she's licked she does something like taunt a monster or live with the crazed deranged person that's trying to kill her. She is always itching to do something important, but what she doesn't realize is, her life is important. Her life, no matter how screwed-up things seem to get for her, always has a lesson to take away from it. Like "Don't give out your trust freely" or "Whatever you do, don't go down into the basement." Whatever she goes through you know that she will always learn something from it.

is important to me, not only because she is my first, but because she is the closest to me than all the others. She's random and sarcastic. She's kind and loving. But most of all, she has an inner strength that comes from her lifetime sufferings. Besides all that, she's one hell of a writer.

The Fiction Writer