Feb. 6, 2013

Castle Inspiration

The show Castle is so inspiring. I actually get most of my writing done when it's on. It is about a mystery writer (Castle) who follows a detective around (Beckett) because she is the subject of his new series Nikki Heat. It's awesome.


Sometimes, when I watch it for long periods of time, I have dreams about mysteries where I'm the detective, and Castle is my partner. It really gives me great ideas for the Samantha Davidson series.


Now Sammy Davidson, as you know, is a medium and a private detective (if you've been reading the excerpts). She helps the Chicago police out with their tough cases. Usually she talks to the ghost that has been killed, but sometimes it's more difficult than that. The spirits don't always remember who they are or who killed them.


Castle helps me to write about Sammy, and I say if a television show can do that, then it worth watching.


Castle on ABC at 10pm on Mondays.



The Fiction Writer