Feb. 9, 2013

Musings of a Writer

Starts up computer...


Huh, I wonder what I'm going to...


First, I need to check my email. That's interesting. Thirty emails all stupid junk. And another rejection. Oh, well.


Now, what was I...oh, right. writing. Where was I?


Ah, yes...no that's not right.


I wonder what I'll have for dinner? Maybe I'll make some soup.


God! It's cold in here (puts on gloves). Better.


I was writing...wasn't I? Yes. Now where was I?


Facebook, twitter...have to promote my book!


Check emails again. Nothing.


What was I doing?


Writing! Where was I? Right. No that doesn't make sense.


Blog time. What I'm I going to write about?


Well, that's done. Writing! Where was I?


Yes. Yes. No. No.


Why would they say that? That makes no sense! Wait! No! Stupid thing! You erased it! Why?


Where was I?


Maybe I need music. This is a good song (starts to dance). Right! Writing!


No. Yes. No.


Emails again.


Facebook and twitter. Make sure they buy it. Buy it. Buy it.


UGH! 3:00pm already? Better get writing.


What? That makes no sense! Why did I write that?


Distracted again. What the hell was that noise? TV. Grrr-eat!


Jesus H... Why?


No. Yes. Yes. Yes. No, that's not right.


God, that's good.


That fucking sucks!


That's great!




Why did I write that?


Huh, sold two more books (does happy dance).


No. No. No.


Yes. Yes. Yes.


I'm hungry!


God, that's good!


I'm thirsty...


God, that sucks.


I'm tired.


Maybe, I should take a nap. But I can't it's the good part.


Why did I write that?


FUCK IT! I'm done!


Shuts down computer... BAM!



The Fiction Writer