Mar. 7, 2013

Dueling Moons

“I looked down at myself, seeing the blood drip onto my shirt.

At first, I thought it was Stag’s, but I began to feel dizzy. Blood…my blood…dripped onto the ground, and suddenly the sword felt heavy.

Looking up at the now ravenous beasts, I watched as Mike snarled, drool polling onto the ground beneath his jowls. Then I glanced at Herb, and I watched him lick his lips, while the hunger filled his eyes.

Before I could even attempt to scream, my knees buckled. I was on the ground when my eyes rolled up into my head. Everything went dark, until there was nothing.

No sound. No breath. No pain. Nothing.

Gasping, I pushed Kathryn away from me, checking to see if I was still intact. I was. Thankfully.

‘You die,’ she sobbed without tears. ‘It is inevitable.’”