Dec. 26, 2014

"The Secret of Kolney Hatch" Review!

Summary: After a gruesome murder happens in London that parallels the unsolved murder of his mother six years prior, Paul Watson, a handsome and well-liked doctor, leaves London to work in the old Kolney Hatch Lunatic Asylum in the countryside of Scotland. He hopes to leave his troubled past behind, but the asylum holds a dark secret. As Petunia Pennyworth, Paul’s neighbor back in London, uncovers key elements of the murder, Paul’s own discoveries leave him in a desperate pursuit to escape the asylum. Will Paul ever escape Kolney Hatch? And what do the murder and kidnapping in London have to do with Paul?

Review: The Secret of Kolney Hatch is just an amazing book! From the first second I opened it, I was captivated by Stefani Milan’s world. Set in England and Scotland in the 1920’s, the book is a psychological thriller that does not disappoint. It follows a young doctor, named Paul Watson, who goes to Scotland in order to work at an insane asylum. Almost from the very beginning, you are concerned for his safety and his sanity as he begins to discover that all is not well in Koleny Hatch. Meanwhile, the author cuts the tension by going back to London to follow Petunia Pennyworth, the town gossip, on her journey to uncover the mystery from her end. This is very well done and kept me interested and on my toes.

This book is filled with little gems, such as Paul’s last name is Watson and he is a doctor. Therefore, he is known as “Doctor Watson”. Also, his housekeeper who is named Eda Holmes…so it is literally Holmes and Watson together again! The Secret of Kolney Hatch is just brimming with things like that, which adds to the charm of the writing.

The final verdict on this delightful, edge of your seat, thrill ride is 5 out of 5 stars! And I cannot wait to see more from this budding new author. 

Highly recommended! 


Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)