Nov. 10, 2015

"The Wizard's Gambit" Review!

Summary: Kylie Betzner’s, The Wizard’s Gambit, is chock-full of adventure and mystery. When Wizard White Bread sets up a competition to see who will represent the six…er, seven, kingdoms, he expects it to be a non-violent solution to a war that has been waged for one-thousand and one years. Easy enough, right? Wrong! It turns out that every one of the competitors is still out for blood. All except a misfit man named Mongrel. He is an orphan with a not so typical upbringing, and is the only one that wishes for peace, instead of war. With the help of the group he creates, which includes one of each person from the six…er, seven, kingdoms, he tries to find a prize that is more valuable than anything any of them could imagine. Just kidding, it’s a plastic ring.

Review:  Three words… A-Maz-Ing! This book is so wonderful that I literally could not put it down. It’s face paced and funny plot is written so well that it blew my mind. Kylie Betzner effortlessly combines elements of Terry Pratchett, The Princess Bride, and a Mel Brooks movie into the beautifully funny story that is The Wizard’s Gambit. I cannot express to you how hilarious it is. It’s filled with magic, mystery, death, and extreme animosity between the characters. I mean, talk about one hell of a party. The characters are so well drawn out that I could picture every single one of them perfectly in my mind’s eye. And the main character, Mongrel, is one of the best protagonist I have seen in a long time.

The most disappointing thing about this book was that it ended.

So it’s 5 out of 5 ginormous stars for Kylie Betzner’s magically wondrous, The Wizard’s Gambit! And I hope your sides split open from laughter. Well…not really, but you get the idea.