Nov. 15, 2015

"Tormented Soul" Review!

Summary: When Kaden Storm’s best friend, Megan, goes missing during their night out together, Kaden delves into a world that she never knew existed. Now, with the help of a fae named Finley, she will find her friend no matter what the costs… even if it’s her own life. (Seriously, I can’t tell you anymore without ruining the book.)

Review: Tormented Soul by Dylann Rhea digs into the world of fairies, both dark and light, seeing it mostly through the main character Kaden’s eyes. As she is on this adventure to find her friend, she is trying to find herself.  The reader is taken on this magical journey with her, and the more she investigates, the more intense the story seems to get. Dylann Rhea paints a beautiful and disturbing picture of trials and tribulations Kaden has to go through. She also gives the story a bit of comedy by adding a light fae, named Finley, into the mix. With his sarcastic charm, and witty banter, he gives Kaden a run for her money and the reader a break from all the drama.

The story itself is well written, and keeps you on your toes throughout. Seriously, I never saw that ending coming, and I’m usually really good at figuring out what’s going to happen. The author writes a story that is dark, filled with suspense, and is both fresh and original, leaving you with a nagging feeling of wanting more. But don’t worry, there’s two to come. The only thing bad I have to say about Tormented Soul is that at certain points you couldn’t tell which character was saying the dialogue, but that is a very minor problem in a story this good.

So it’s 5 out of 5 magical stars for Dylann Rhea’s Tormented Soul. The book not her actual… you know what I meant.