Sep. 4, 2016

"Excuse Me, First Love" Review!

Summary: Three years ago Gabrielle Tanner was in love, but fear of rejection kept her silent. How could she tell her best friend that he'd stolen her heart? Especially when their friendship was coming to an end.

Three years ago Jayson Adams lost his best friend when she moved half way across the country, shattering his world. He spent months in a deep depression, cursing the universe for ripping her away from him so cruelly.

When their worlds collide again, old wounds are torn open.

Gabrielle fights against a one-sided love, forced to watch the man she desires in the arms of another.

Jayson, on the other hand, is determined to hold onto his friend this time, even if it means denying his heart what it truly wants.

Review: Excuse Me, First Love is the delightful first book of Danielle Burton. This debut novel follows the intersecting lives of two college students, Gabrielle and Jayson. Both of which were separated for three years, and both of which have deeper feelings than just friendship for each other. This novel is filled with farcical predicaments when it comes to Jay and Gabi’s “romance” and “friendship”. And it’s also filled with twists, turns and the occasional tear jerking moment.

This is not your typical Romance Novel. I can’t stress that enough. The pacing is good and it’s not too sentimental, which is something I liked when it came to this particular story. The only really overly dramatized thing is the tension between Jay and Gabi. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I found myself skimming certain parts just to get through the drama. However, there are two characters that really stole the show for me, and they were Gabi and Benji, who is Jay’s cousin. They are fantastic, and I loved every scene that they were in. I have to admit that I was more a fan of Gabi’s chapters than I was of Jay’s, but even though I didn’t like him, I did like Danielle Burton’s writing. She’s a great writer and Excuse Me, First Love is a really good debut novel.

So, it’s a solid 4 out of 5 stars for Excuse Me, First Love! And I can’t wait for Danielle to dazzle us with more of her work.