Mar. 25, 2013


Too much pain…
How can one person have all this pain?
How can a person stand it?
They can’t.
But they are too stubborn to give up, even when it hurts them to get out of bed in the morning.
It’s so hard.
Life is hard.
No one cares, so it takes its toll.
They yell at you, hurting your feelings.
They only want you to do what they want…what they need…what they expect.
But you’re dying, dying inside and out.
You lose your hair and cry.
Cry for the life you want and the life that you’ll never have.
You wish you were normal, but that will never happen.
You wish you were well, but that seems like a dream.
Going out with friends…impossible.
Going out with family…impossible.
Yet you wake up every morning and hurt…hurt until your heart wants to crawl out of your chest.
You try to suffer in silence, but people are always asking you if you’re “okay.”
It’s obvious you’re not, but you tell them that you are.
You try to smile, and it turns into a frown.
The sadness flows and you can’t get it to stop.
There is too much pain…
There is just so much pain.

By: Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)