Apr. 24, 2013

Another Excerpt from "Dueling Moons"

“You looked pretty good out there, girly,” Stag said with that cocky smile of his. He handed me a glass of water, and I gulped it down without a moment’s hesitation.


“Pretty good?” Angel said, limping over to us. She was having a terrible time with her heels. They even made her grimace as she took them off. See, I was right. They were nowhere near comfortable. “Honey, you’re only pretty good in bed.” Ouch! “This girl has real talent.”


I blushed at the compliment and smiled at the insult meant for Stag, until Mike opened his big mouth. “If you think she’s good at dancin’,” he said, and I pleaded with him silently not to say it, “you should hear her sing.”


Great, now he had done it. Now I was going to have to sing in front of all these people.


“Yes,” a voice said from behind me, making my skin crawl. “You should hear my wife sing.”


Both Mike and Stag stood up, looking purely wolf as I turned around slowly, trying not to make any sudden movements.


There he stood with that creepy smirk on his face. Samuel Satané, in the flesh, so to speak.


Excerpt by: Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)