Aug. 7, 2015

"Killing Him Softly"

Here is another rejected story. I hope you like it better than the magazine I sumitted it to. So without further ado, here is Killing Him Softly:

Once she found him, she was never going to let him go…

He sat across from her in class, his beautiful red hair glistening in the sun from the window behind her. There he was the perfect specimen. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. The bait was set. No one could resist her smile and she knew it. This would lead to a discussion outside of class and then all she would have to do was ask him out. That had always worked before and it would work now. But this time it would be different. Very different.

She sat there thinking as she stared at his broad shoulders. Would her looks help her get away with it? Of course, that was a childish question. She was one of the most beautiful young women she had ever seen. Dark hair and stunning blue-gray eyes, she was long, fit and curvy in all the right places. A statuesque beauty who knew that her beauty could help her in life, because they made people underestimate her. After all, even her name was a thing of beauty…

Guinevere. The name that brought down a prospering empire. This Guinevere also knew that she could bring down any man she wanted. Right then, she wished to capture the red head staring at her as he leaned back in his chair.

Guinevere let her mind wander. After this lecture, she would walk up to him and ask his name. He would tell her without a second thought, and they would get to know one another. At least, as much as she wanted to know about him, she did not want to give too much away as it would ruin the game. Oh, how she loved this sort of game. The prey and the predator, making him think one thing while saying another. It was her favorite part of the hunt.

They would set a date to see each other for the first time, and she would pour on the charm. She loved to make people feel like they were the only person in the world. He would be no different. However, on this night, she would not play hard to get, she would give herself to him. Guinevere thought how fun it would be to take him back to her house on a night that her parents were not home. They always went to parties with friends or they would go out on a date night, leaving her home alone all weekend. Anyway, it was not as if they would be able to stop her from playing once she got started.

With that big empty house to themselves, she’d take him upstairs to her bedroom. Then it would be time for another game. This one Guinevere knew she must be careful doing and it was crucial that she not mess it up. He was just so prefect. Her type in every way. She would love to see him undress before her eyes, making sure that he was vulnerable before telling him to get on the bed.

Interesting the way the mind works, Guinevere sat there in that boring lecture class and thought of how he would take her little game. He would most assuredly be excited about taking his clothes off in front of a beautiful woman.  And when she brought out the handcuffs and the rope, he would be nervous at first, but as soon as she put on that little black lace negligee she had waiting for this particular occasion, he’d be willing to do just about anything. As she tied him by hands and feet to the four-poster bed, she knew she would be able to feel his excitement. That’s when she could begin…

It would be quite simple, since Guinevere did her research on the matter. First, she would have to relax him, which was easy enough, considering she looked the way she did. But just in case that did not work, she would go on top of him, straddling him carefully. What would he thinking in that moment? Probably that he was going to get laid. On the other hand, maybe he would be thinking exactly the same as she was, but Guinevere doubted it. The prey never thinks what the predator does. He only knows what happens if he gets caught. And would this little lamb know what the big bad wolf would do to him? Oh and the look on his face when he figured it out… that was what she looked forward to the most. The fear in his eyes when she pulled out the scalped she placed underneath the mattress. He might smile at first, thinking that she was joking, but once the sharp end sliced into his flesh, he would know she was as serious as the grave.

Guinevere was prepared for his reaction, she knew he would struggle as all wounded animals do, but she would quiet him. In any case, from what she read, he would pass out from shock before she got to the good part. Since she wanted to enjoy the experience, she would take it nice and slow, making sure the blood ran down his ripped body just right, pooling on the satin sheets. She had tried it on animals first, so she knew how it would work. However, a human being was a different story. He would be a lot bigger than a rat and have much more blood to play with afterward.

Ever since she was a little girl, Guinevere thought about doing this, but she was too young for it. To kill and dispose of a person takes a lot of strength, but she had been practicing for years. It first started with birds. She found a dead one in her back yard when she was five, and her fascination with death blossomed into something that itched in the back of her mind all the time. She would fall asleep thinking about it, and wake with a smile on her face with the prospect of it. Even when her mind wandered, it would always go back to the same spot... murder. And now that she found her perfect victim, she knew her first would be so very special.

After the first cut, it would be just a matter of time before he started to scream, so she would have to keep him quiet. This she had thought about very little. His screams would be too loud for the neighborhood, so she’d have to stuff a cloth in his mouth. She did not want the police to interrupt her first masterpiece. So a cloth or rag would have to do. It was going to be perfect.

Starting with a Y incision, it would take her about ten maybe fifteen minutes to get him open. She knew he would be wiggling around until the time came when he would finally become unconscious. The blood, to her, was gloriously gorgeous. Its crimson color, its rusty smell and the way it felt like silk on her skin… just beautiful. She loved watching it drip down onto the floor or even pour from her hand down to her victim’s body. She could watch it move down his sides to the sheet beneath, and then she could begin to open him up.

The blood may have quenched her sense of beauty, but to Guinevere the thought of the inside of the things she killed was so much fun. She loved the muscle underneath the skin, and once she made her way through that, it excited her to watch the soft organs still fluttering with some life. She loved seeing all of it. The bare ribs of the victim made her heart beat in ways it had never beat before. Just the minds eyes vision of it made her bite her lip until it almost bleed. And noticing the boy watching her face, she winked at him. The red head blushed. If only he knew she was lusting after his insides, he would run away screaming, making it even more fun.

Blood on white satin sheets…

Bare rib cage…

The feel of the smooth crimson life force flowing through her fingers, until finally…

The professor dismissed them early. It was only the first class in the semester.

Guinevere got up making her way over to the tall, broad, red haired boy she had been eyeing. “Hi there,” she said, sounding irresistible.

“Hey,” he answered in his deep voice, smile beautifully white.

She thought of those beautiful blues eyes being devoid of all light, and licked her lips. Her perfect victim. “I’m Guinevere. What’s your name?”


Named after the first man… he was wonderful!

“Well, Adam,” she breathed, as they walked out of class, “I think we should help each other out. You know, you give me your phone number and I’ll give you mine… just in case either one of us misses a class and we need the notes.”

“Sure,” Adam said without hesitation, handing her his cell phone in the process. She did the same, smiling her million-watt smile.

Of course, she would call him later and suggest they meet somewhere for dinner, and judging by his reaction to her, he would say a resounding yes.

Then they could play.

From the first minute she saw him, she knew he was going to be the first boy she had ever killed, and it delighted her.



The End


(Short Story by: Laura Del)