Jan. 17, 2013

Music to Hide the Pain

It was twelve in the morning when Louis looked over at his clock. He rolled over, knocking it off the bedside table. It landed with a loud thud on the floor where it smashed into a million pieces. Louis screamed, he couldn’t believe that he was a twenty year old man who hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in over a year because of his stupid neighbors. They had a party every night, and he was sick and tired of it. Getting up out of bed, Louis decided that enough was enough he was going to stop them no matter what. As he moved towards his apartment door, he stepped on a sharp piece of plastic that was from his once beloved alarm clock. Pain shot through his foot as he cursed, picking the piece out of his flesh. He flicked it away, slamming his way through the door, and making his way over to their apartment. Louis banged on their door, his anger right on the surface, but when she answered it, his heart stilled. Her eyes were red and puffy like she had been crying. Louis didn’t know what to do, so he silently reached for the girl, bringing her into a hug. He finally understood that the music had a purpose…to hide the pain.   




Flash Fiction By: Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)