Feb. 26, 2013

Another Quick Look At "Dueling Moons"

I tiptoed into the other room, making sure Mike was still asleep, and went over to my jewelry box. Opening it, I found the item I was looking from, and I walked back out into the living room. I put my wedding ring that was Samuel’s grandmothers into the envelope as well, and I felt a lightening of the spirit.


Placing the overnight envelope on my desk, I picked up the keys and my purse and quietly went outside to see what they opened. I walked out to the parking lot and clicked the alarm. A car to my right beeped and flashed at me, and my eyes widened. There shinning in the early morning light was a brand new Mustang GT.


This was a low blow. He knew I would lose all sense when it came to a Mustang. That’s why he sent it. Bastard.


I walked closer to the scarlet red beauty. She was so perfect. Her grill shone chrome in the morning light, while her black rims where in stark contrast with the slightly gray asphalt. She had a black racing strip down her body that faded away just before the rear tire. And when I made my way to the back her gas cap reconfirmed what I already knew, that she was a pure bred Stang.


Putting my palms against the hood of the car, I bit my lip. I knew I didn’t want to look inside and get too attached, but I just had to. I opened the door with the clicker, biting my knuckle before I went inside.


Immediately, I could smell the leather interior. I repeat, bastard. I sat down inside, placing my bag on the passenger seat. The seat felt like butter under my fingertips. This baby was fully loaded. Blue tooth, OnStar, XM Radio and surround sound speakers, were all a shining black like the interior.


I turned her over and she roared to life then purred. The dash came to life and displayed the temperature outside. I bit my lip again, trying to keep my wits about me. Then I reached over to open the glove compartment, and inside was the registration and insurance card all in my name.


As I opened the envelope to see the registration, another note made an appearance. It read:


Heard you needed a new one.




I shook my head, crumpling the note and throwing it out the door. “You jerk!”


Then the reality of the situation set in. I would have to give the car back. The very thought of that made me sad, which is most likely why he had sent it in the first place. He knew I would have this kind of dilemma. “Son of a bitch,” I said quietly and with feeling.


I had to give it back. Then again, he did destroy the first one, in which case I would keep it. But this was certainly a ploy to get me back in his grasp. I have to give it back. But she’s so pretty. Keep it.


My internal dilemma stopped when someone tapped on the windshield. I jumped a mile and looked up to see Elliot standing there smiling at me. “Stag,” I breathed, “you scared me to half to death.”   


By: Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)