Mar. 2, 2013

Another Little Snip Bit of "Dueling Moons"

I peaked ever so slightly so she wouldn’t see me looking. Mrs. Shaw had her arms around his neck kissing him fiercely on the mouth. I couldn’t see what she looked like because Stag blocked my way, but I could see that she had a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger with her wedding band right beneath it.

He gently pushed her away, and I closed my eyes again. “We can’t do this anymore,” he said. “I told you that I don’t date married women.”

“You weren’t complaining yesterday when I…” she must have done something to him, because he jerked away, hitting me in the shoulder.

“You’re right I wasn’t complaining,” he agreed with her. “But that was before your husband caught us.”

“He was so drunk,” she said, probably waving off his concerns. “He doesn’t remember a thing.”

“I don’t care,” Stag voice was harsh. “I said no more.”

“Fine,” she huffed.

The elevator dinged and I heard the doors slide open. That was the single longest elevator ride of my life.

“I hope you’re happy with this one, she looks like she won’t complain much or ever for that matter. She probably won’t know how to satisfy you either.”

Stag led me off the elevator, and I couldn’t help but turn around and hold the doors open with my hands. I opened my eyes and smiled. Seeing her shocked middle-aged face was worth it, and it made my smile widened. “Look who’s the pot calling the kettle black. At least I won’t nag him like a mother. And let me tell you, he’ll get more satisfaction out of me just talking to him than he ever got from you having sex with him.” I stepped back, letting go of the doors. “Have a nice day, Mrs. Shaw,” I said, waving as the doors closed before she could regain herself.

I turned around looking up at Stag. His mouth was hanging open, and I closed my eyes again, holding out my hand to him. He took it, and I said, “Lead the way.”


By: Laura Del (a.k.a. The Fiction Writer)