Aug. 11, 2013

The Daily Dose

A few days ago I wrote this blog:

"When I was a little girl there was this candy store at the end of my grandparents street. My grandfather and I would go visit his parents, and as a treat we would wind up in the store almost every week. I remember him taking me off his shoulders, and the little white haired lady behind the counter asking me what I wanted.

The store itself was brown and dark, but the candy...the candy always had this glow to it. The greens, blues, yellows and reds would almost shine in the darkness. It was magical to me. Like I had stepped into another world filled with sweets, and they always had my favorites. Black and red shoelace licorice, sugar cones filled with marshmallow swirls, candy buttons on ribbons of paper and candy cigarettes that always tasted like sweet chalk.

I miss those days when my grandpop and I would walk into that store, and I miss the wide eyed way I use to look at things.

After all, there is nothing more wondrous than a kid in a candy store..."

So yesterday, my grams and aunt came home from their day of adventure, and they brought with them a surprise for me. Apparently, my mother told my aunt and Grams about this status, and they bought me...wait for it...marshmallow ice cream cones, and red shoelace licorice. I was so eager to have them that I tore open the bag of licorice and ate a piece right then and there.

Wasn't that nice of them?

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