Aug. 20, 2013

The Daily Dose (Back in Action!)

This morning I woke up to the most wonderful things...

First, I had notifications on my Facebook telling me that people commented on my "not feeling well" status yesterday, and when I looked, my spirits ...lifted to see all of the kind words everyone had for me. Thank you guys so much!

Second, Mr. Mark O'Brien (a friend of mine on Facebook) posted this wonderful video of a motorcyclists bravely saving a woman's coffee cup from sheer disaster. It was a wonderful deed, and it made me very happy to see it. Thanks so much, Mark.

And last, but not least, when I checked my emails, I got the most wonderful surprise...another five star review for my book from a fellow author. This final act actual brought a tear to my eye. (Below is the link where you can read it.)

Reporting live from her bed, I'm Laura Del with your daily dose of good news.

And remember to stay safe and be good. Wink