Oct. 18, 2013

The Daily Dose

Yesterday, people kept on telling me random things to make me smile. First, I was told that I was beautiful. Then someone said to me that not a lot of people my age weren't like me, and that there needed to be more of me. After that, it was said that I made someone's day just by following them on Twitter. And finally, I was fooling around with Amazon UK where my friend Andrew, left this very lovely review:

I am, by my own admission, not a big book reader but I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. It was the ideal companion for a 2 and a half hour train journey, the time just flew by along with the story.

The story is fast paced and my reading was only interrupted by the arrival of the train at my destination. The main character, Pat Wyatt, tells the story in a humorous often dark manner. The story is one of love, marriage, deceit and vampires! On an assignment for her paper reviewing diners in New York, Pat meets and marries a tall, dark, handsome stranger she meets in the last one and is thrust into a world that she could only dream about...and frequently does. When the book ends the story doesn't and I understand it is the first in a series of books, a series I am very much looking forward to reading.


I found the read easy and hard to put down. As with many things in life, books and reading tastes are subjective and vary from person to person, but I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone.

All of this totally made up for another one star review of my book that I found on Goodreads.

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And remember to stay safe and be good. Wink