Jan. 19, 2014

The Daily Dose

Yesterday, I got another four star review for my book Graveyard Shifts!

Here it is: "This is not the sort of book I would normally go for. But it was recommended so I gave it a go. I'm very glad I did. It is to the author's credit that it won me over straight away and kept my with it until the end.


This is NOT another stereotypical vampire romance novel. It turns that genre on its head and provides a fast-paced story that barely leaves time to draw breath. In Pat Wyatt we have a heroine who is instantly likeable for her quick wit and dry sarcasm, but also flawed and at times vulnerable. All of the characters feel real, like they exist beyond the pages of the book. This book moves effortlessly between gothic horror and romance, all the while being shot through with a pitch black humour. I often found myself in the grip of the story's tension before laughing out loud at throwaway comment from our narrator.


The book comes to a satisfying conclusion, but also sets up great potential for sequels. I am looking forward to the next one and would recommend 'Graveyard Shifts' to others."

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