Feb. 1, 2014

The Daily Dose

Grams and I had quite an adventure yesterday...

Grams went to put the trash out in the bin when suddenly a tiny kitten sees her and starts to follow her. Well, she comes inside and tells me that she can't stand to hear it cry. And there it is on our front step, waiting for us to let it in. So Grams decides to put some food out for it.

Let me tell you, he was the most beautiful kitten you have ever seen. Beautiful orange and white fur, with amber...yes, amber...eyes. Needless to say, I felt really bad for him. So I went out to help Grams put some food in a container for him, and then I went back inside and called the Feral Cat Society people. It took them about ten minutes to call me back, and the lady told me to get him in a box or carrier until she came to get him.

Grams got him in the cat carrier, getting a scratch along the way, while I waited outside in order for the Feral lady to find our house. Let me just say that these people are amazing, and if we didn't have a cat already, that little kitten would have been ours. That is how precious and sweet he was. He actually rubbed himself against me. He was so darling.

Anyway, the lady finally came and got him, and we could sleep well knowing that we saved a that little mans life. Big Grin

Reporting live from her desk, I'm Laura Del with your daily dose of good news.

And remember to stay safe and be good. Wink