Mar. 12, 2014

The Daily Dose

Good news all around today!

I would just like to thank all of those who crossed their fingers, toes and sent me good vibes for today. The lady I got was super nice, and she got a vein right away! So, thank you all for praying to the gods.

The second thing that was good today was, when my mother was taking me back from the blood place (I don't like to drive, just in case they blow my arms out), I spotted a Krispy Kreme! Oh yes, dear readers, a Krispy Kreme. With an intake of breath, I asked my mom if we could stop, and she replied with a resounding, "Sure." Once we made our way through to the drive-thru, a wonderful thing happened...they just got done making them, and asked if we wanted them HOT.

Yes, ladies and gents, HOT KRISPY KREME doughnuts! GAH!

Of course, we said yes, and my got me one, and two more for my father. So not only did the gods smile upon me once, but twice today!

Thank you gods for your lovely little gifts, and thank you readers for helping me out. Wink

Reporting live from her desk, I'm Laura Del with your daily dose of good news.

And remember to stay safe and be good. Big Grin