Sep. 5, 2014

The Daily Dose

I woke up this morning to another lovely review of my book on Amazon! YAY! 

It's four stars and here it is: "I loved the author’s writing style because it was casual and fun. The book is written from the main character’s, Pat Wyatt, point of view. Pat seems to have had bad dating experiences in the past. Her best friend, Tina, jokes around that she should just get married but Pat is not having any part of it. That is until she meets Samuel. After stomping out of a restaurant, this handsome, mysterious, stranger follows Pat and ends up asking her to marry him. Surprisingly she says yes! Normally I would think this was far fetched but the story leading up to this and the insights into Pat’s thought process on this decision make it a believable response.

As Pat spends more time with Samuel she starts to realize something isn’t right but she cannot figure out what it is. The people that know Samuel are all very nice to her but really are not offering any further information on him.

Pat gets to know Samuel’s accountant, Mike, better and gets bits and pieces of info from him about her new husband. It is at this point that the puzzle of Samuel starts to fall into place.

When she realizes what is going on, it is too late to do anything about it but Pat is too stubborn not to try, even knowing the consequences could be deadly. As the story starts to get darker, Pat keeps her wit, humor, and strong willed personality, which make for a great story.

This has light and dark parts in it. We laugh with the characters but also become terrified as Pat comes to full realization as to what she has gotten herself into. She does not give up and constantly fights back even though she knows it could get her killed.

I really liked this book as the main character was funny, strong, and defiant in the face of evil. This starts as a love story but twists into something far different and darker. It is an original story with some cool twists."

Isn't that nice?

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