Ghostly Murders

Price: 6.00 USD
Get ready for more ghostly adventures in the second installment of the Samantha Davidson series, Ghostly Murders. When a body pops up in a suburb of Chicago, PI Samantha Davidson is on the case with her partner in crime, Detective Lance MacDowell. But when the two of them go to investigate, there's a little glitch in their plans. It seems that the Chicago PD has stumbled upon a serial killer's victim. Now they have to work with the FBI, specifically very Special Agent Brennan, who is not a fan of Samantha's methods. After all, when you can speak to the dead like Samantha can people tend to not believe you, and Brennan is no different. So with this special agent against her almost every step of the way, and the dead girl not being of much help, Samantha must rely on her keen investigation skills to solve this murder before the killer strikes again. Can she do it? Or will this monster slip through her fingers and slaughter another victim? Find out in the suspense thriller that is Ghostly Murders.

Graveyard Shifts

Price: 10.00 USD
Sent on an assignment to find the best diner in New York, Pat Wyatt is more than happy to complete it, but not alone. Recruiting her best friend Christina Iglesias to join her, she sets out on her fateful mission, completely oblivious to what lies ahead. When a handsome stranger walks through the doors of the last diner of the day, Pat is not impressed with the striking man, and quickly leaves the restaurant…only to be followed out by the attractive mystery man. Following a whirlwind of marriage proposals and Hamptons’ mansions is the creeping recognition that everyone seems to be afraid of her new husband and that he might not be as perfect as he seems. With everything inside pushing her toward an impossible realization, Pat must decide if she can trust the outlandish instincts she has inside and truly believe her husband, Samuel Satané, is a vampire. Graveyard Shifts: A Pat Wyatt Novel is a captivating piece of fiction that forgoes the traditional love story that is prevalent in so many novels. Pat’s story takes readers on a journey of love that happens after marriage, which adds real-world credibility to an otherwise fantastic scenario. Not to be confused with other novels though, Pat’s story is more about her strength of character than her reliance on any particular man. Written for women and men interested in horror fiction and romance, Graveyard Shifts is a gripping novel that is easy to pick up and hard to put down. With its sarcastic wit and dark tone, the novel keeps a perfect pace that never lulls. A fun, dramatic, and entertaining read from the very beginning, Graveyard Shifts is a wonderful new book that offers a unique take on horror fiction and the ever-popular vampire romance novels everywhere.

Dueling Moons

Price: 10.00 USD
Monsters, workplace headaches, and sordid love triangles collide in Laura Del’s delightfully dark Dueling Moons. The adrenaline-pumping sequel to Graveyard Shifts: A Pat Wyatt Novel finds our sarcastically witty heroine once again fighting for her life. After a move to rural Louisiana with her werewolf lover, Mike, freelance writer Pat Wyatt is hoping for a more subdued life. However, her demanding new editor makes work utterly excruciating, while her abusive vampire husband, Samuel, has frozen Mike’s assets and her attempts to get him to go to his werewolf pack for help go unheeded. Things go from bad to worse when Samuel begins appearing in her dreams—alongside none other than the queen of all vampires, Kathryn. Samuel and Kathryn’s ominous dream presence proves that, no matter where she goes, the vampires will always be able to find her. While still reeling from this realization, Pat’s car is set on fire by an unknown assailant. Soon, she finds herself in the middle of some major werewolf drama while a mysterious monster lurks within the city—a monster whose only mission appears to be murdering Pat! What, exactly, is this creature…and who is behind this deadly plot?

Danville Horror

Price: 10.00 USD
There's nothing quite like going home again—especially when home is filled with the horrors of the past. When freelance writer Pat Wyatt heads to her hometown for her father's wedding, she just wants some peace and quiet. But her vampire ex-husband, Samuel Satané, has other ideas. Although they made a truce so they could work together to kill Elliot, a half-vampire, half-werewolf who also just happened to be her editor, that hasn’t stopped him from making her existence a living hell. There's also her current werewolf boyfriend Mike Wolf. They're taking a break from each other after he tried to eat her during her battle with Elliot. Despite this, he remains dogged in his pursuit of her. Needless to say, her father’s wedding aside, this won't quite be the day in paradise she had in mind. Find out what happens when Pat goes home in Danville Horror, by Gothic horror writer Laura Del.

Ghosts Among Men

Price: 5.00 USD
Samantha Davidson sees ghosts for a living. More specifically, she sees ghosts as a private investigator, working alongside the Chicago Police Department to put away killers and put troubled spirits to rest. When the daughter of one of Chicago’s wealthiest families turns up dead, Samantha and her assistant Mark team up with homicide detective Lance MacDowell to get to the bottom of the crime. Allison Allen is tall, blonde, beautiful–and very much dead. As Samantha interviews the girl, who doesn’t remember anything about the circumstances of her own murder, it’s clear that there’s more going on behind the walls of this manicured home than anyone wants to let on—and that Samantha has her work cut out for her this time. Juggling her own love life, tracking down troubled spirits, and evading attempts to thwart her investigation keeps Samantha on her toes. Good thing Samantha knows how to keep her eyes open, her wits about her, and her sense of humor. A paranormal mystery that is both dark and funny, Ghosts Among Men will cause chills to run down your back even while you’re laughing out loud at the lovable, strong, and supernaturally sighted private investigator Samantha Davidson.